factions in NIreland's Assembly (FWD)

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factions in NIreland's Assembly

.c The Associated Press 

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) -- Northern Ireland's new multi-party
government is supposed to be appointed from a 108-seat legislature elected in

The administration, to be called the Executive, would require majority support
from both the Protestant and Catholic blocs in the legislature, called the

The Catholic and neutral parties all support April's peace agreement that
outlined the cross-community government. But Protestant opinion is divided
between the Ulster Unionists and Progressive Unionists -- who form a pro-
agreement bloc of 30 -- and 28 others who reject the agreement because it
includes the IRA-allied Sinn Fein party. 

The breakdown: 


Ulster Unionists: 28 seats. 

Progressive Unionists: 2 

Democratic Unionists: 20 

United Kingdom Unionists: 5 

Independents: 3 


Social Democratic and Labor Party: 24 

Sinn Fein: 18 


Alliance: 6 

Women's Coalition: 2 

AP-NY-09-07-98 1618EDT 
AP folk routinely fail to mention *proportional representation* in their

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