Meta election.

Charles Fiterman cef at
Thu Oct 29 04:36:52 PST 1998

At 04:43 PM 10/28/98 EST, you wrote:
>Mr. Fiterman wrote in part-
>I think the answer is to have some kind of rule of succession which allows
>things to go on as usual. A vote for John Smith is a vote for John Smith or
>his delegated successor.
>I agree for legislative body candidates or members (since the voters would
>expect that a successor will follow the person's legislative policies- i.e.
>the party's platform).  However, there are major elements of discretion/
>personality/ knowledge for executive and judicial offices involved such that a
>legislative body can/should fill any such vacancies as a default remedy. 
>I mention again having YES/NO votes for such offices also as a safety measure
>if a popular incumbent dies just before an election so that the voters can
>vote NO on obviously unqualified candidates for such offices (especially
>candidates who kill other candidates).

What if I shoot my opponent the night before elections and the majority of
the voters arrive election morning without knowing what happened?

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