More standards

Sun Oct 25 14:44:18 PST 1998

Mr. Cretney wrote in part-

Here's an example of what I mean.  I consider 3 alternatives, the first
two are candidates, the third (C) is whatever happens if no candidate 
gets an absolute approval majority.

Sincere preference
A > B > C
None absolutely approved of.
D- Choice C is obviously the default result if neither A or B get a majority
YES vote from ALL of the voters- NOT just Mr. C's test voter.    I mention
again that there will be polls such that each voter who cares about the
election will have some estimate of how other voters are thinking.   I mention
again that *sincere* votes by a minority of ALL of the voters should lose.
Such voters can truncate or number vote insincerely for some compromise
(lesser of N evils) choice (s).  The sun will still come up presumably the day
after an election.

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