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Daniel Davis cicero13 at ufl.edu
Wed Oct 21 01:22:37 PDT 1998

David Catchpole wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Daniel Davis wrote:
> >     I am new here.  What is the consensus on having a nationwide referenda process?
> >
> >     (i.e. Enough signatures in 50 states to place a binding federal statute.  Ross
> > Perot's supporters managed to put his name on all 50 states) [i think]
> I'm from a country where we have Swiss-style constitutional referenda
> (i.e. A majority of our 6 states must have a majority of "yes" votes in a
> referendum to change the constitution). It stinks. Out of around 50 (don't
> quote me) referenda in the past hundred years only 8 have been approved
> sometimes because the smaller, more conservative states have had "no"
> majorities while the net vote was "yes." Oh well. I guess that's one of
> the downsides of being a federation.

    In that case, based on your 50/8 number, you must be from Malta, home of the unique
STV / give them an extra seat anyway (if youre from malta you will get that)


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