Applying those criteria

Tue Oct 20 17:32:21 PDT 1998

Mr. Cretney wrote--

So why does Mike feel justified in saying that VA meets
your criteria, for "all practical purposes".  Mike's pronouncements
usually have a large number of unstated assumptions.  For example,
he often says that a voter never needs to engage in a particular 
strategy, when he actually means as long as the voter's favorite 
candidate is the CW.  Of course, voters are unlikely to see it this
way.  They want their candidates to win whether they are CW or not.
D- Assuming that there will be polls, if no candidate is a clear CW, then
expect all sorts of strategic voting depending on the tiebreaker.
Mr. Cretney wrote more-

If you remember how Condorcet methods work, a candidate wins not as much by
maximizing the size of its victories, as by minimizing the size of its
D- The preceding applies to Mr. Ossipoff's Condorcet tiebreakers, not to all
Condorcet tiebreakers.

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