Votes Against Tiebreaker

Mon Oct 19 17:53:24 PDT 1998

Replying to Mr. Ossipoff-

I suggest again that if no choice gets a majority of all the votes, then the
legislative body (elected by an accurate majority rule p.r. method) can fill
the vacancy.

I fail to see how getting a winner based on less than a majority of all the
voters using VA is a giant improvement over plurality.

35 ABC
34 BCA
31 CAB

66 A > 34 B
69 B > 31 C
65 C > 35 A

Using VA, A wins with a mere 65 against.

With truncated votes, a winner may be elected with even stranger looking

20 A > 19 B
35 B > 25 C
40 C > 28 A

Using VA, B wins with a mere 20 against but with a mighty 19 in favor.

Good luck to Mr. O. in getting VA adopted after being examined by big name
university political scientists in major public hearings.

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