Votes Against Tiebreaker

Sat Oct 17 17:50:11 PDT 1998

Mr. Ingles wrote-

In the following example of a circular tie:

40  AB
 9  BA
12  BC
39  C
D- If each vote is a YES vote, then
A 49
B 61
C 51
61 B > 39 C
The problem is that if there is not a YES/NO vote, then the *absolute* support
for any winner using VA is questionable.  Both B and C may not have YES

I must again bring up the law making analogy.  If a bill comes before a
legislative body, then it either gets or does not get a majority in favor of
it.  Having 2 or more bills on more or less the same subject does NOT do away
with the majority requirement.   

All of a sudden things are supposed to be different when electing public
officers (such as Presidents, Prime Ministers or Supreme Court Judges) using
VA-- i.e. it becomes OK for candidates to be elected with majorities against
them.  IMHO, the voters/politicians will never accept such a reform.

I mention again that lesser of two evils (LO2E) false (i.e. insincere)
majorities in general elections are generally the result of having 2 plurality
winners in Democrat and Republican primaries and/or in partisan top 2 runoff
primaries and/or nonpartisan top 2 primaries.

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