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Fri Oct 16 04:22:13 PDT 1998

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From:          Charles Fiterman <cef at>
Subject:       Meta election final list.

I have previously proposed a criterion relating to tyrants. I see 
that some regard Runoff as better than AV/IRO. I wish to propose a 
related criterion:

First, a definition:
' split vote'
A set of candidates are said to have split votes when every 
voter ranks them tied or adjacent.
(E.g., in FPP, the voters who would have voted for any of them, if it 
had been the only one of them standing)

Proposed criterion:
'vote splitting'
When a vote is split between candidates, one of whom would have won 
if the others had not been standing, then one of those candidates 

Sorry, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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