Meta election final list.

Bart Ingles bartman at
Fri Oct 9 12:40:07 PDT 1998

A couple of questions...

The list seems to have shrunk.  How is the decision being made as to
which goals remain or are dropped?

What exactly is this meta election going to accomplish?  Are we trying
to rank things like "Honesty" and "Secrecy"?  Will we be expected to
discuss only "winning" goals?  If purely informative, why worry about
the counting method?  Why not just publish the raw data and use it

Charles Fiterman wrote:
> Honesty
> Proven fraud magnets like written ballots and slow
> counts are excluded.
> Secrecy
> You vote in secret. Your community votes in secret.
> Simplicity
> Its easy to understand the system. Half the voters
> are below median I.Q. and 10% are in the bottom tenth.
> You can't exclude them.
> Openness
> Easy access to the system.
> Convenience
> In and out quickly.
> Pervasiveness
> Lots of elective offices.
> Decisiveness
> The system returns an answer it doesn't demand a run off
> or another election.
> Participation
> People are encouraged to vote by some mechanism but not at
> gun point.
> Accuracy
> Votes can be balanced several ways.
> Equality
> No gerrymandering, high ballot access restrictions or
> disenfranchised citizens.
> The most unpopular candidates lose
> Being hated is more bad than being loved is good. e.g. if
> some stand will make 5% of the people hate you and 5% love
> you it should be a mistake to take that stand.
> The most acceptable candidates win
> The people with the broadest acceptance win even if they
> aren't the most loved. They do after all have to run things.
> Make it hard to do bad things.
> Some actions such as restricting free speech require a super majority
> and a slow process. Tyrants face special problems, term limits etc.
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