[EM] Reply to DEMOREP on Lord Jenkin's Proposals

David Marsay djmarsay at dera.gov.uk
Fri Oct 9 04:31:18 PDT 1998

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> From:          donald at mich.com (New Democracy)
> Subject:       [EM] Reply to DEMOREP on Lord Jenkin's Proposals

>      Do not let the Pairwise Guys influence you. They have an agenda. Their
> game plan is to get some single seat method installed that will allow them,
> by hook or by crook, to win seats for their third party candidates in
> single seat districts electing lawmakers. Their method of choice is
> Condorcet - a good hook.
> Regards,
> Donald Davison

I think that most alternatives to FPP, and particularly those with a 
PR element, will allow small parties to emerge and grow support. Thus 
it will be difficult for a duff centre party to retain support. As an 
example, various single-issue parties (e.g. 'the Greens') have tended 
to do better. I would have thought it more likely that existing 
centre parties will break into a number of parties focussing on 
specific issues, than that a centre party will be able to get control 
of 'the system'. Has anyone studied various systems?
Sorry folks, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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