First-Choice Winner Standard

Charles Fiterman cef at
Thu Oct 8 12:29:10 PDT 1998

At 03:20 PM 10/8/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Even rather stupid voters should be able to do both (with electronic voting
>systems on computers especially with standard 100 percent secret vote
>A public vote version would be done in public legislative bodies for the
>enactment of laws.

There is a general assumption that legislators are smarter than average.
I've known a few politicians and I think that they are good at manipulating
people but poor at understanding things. I was on a trip with Congressman
Puchinsky and found out he couldn't understand the rules of scrabble. He
would put things down anywhere on the board. I don't think he is unusual.

Do you really think 535 people half of whom can't understand the rules
of scrabble can understand your system and use it?

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