Does VA Schulze violate SEC?

Wed Oct 7 15:03:21 PDT 1998

Mr. Cretney wrote in part--
Here is an example of random-filling back-firing with

11 A
24 B A C
25 B C A
39 C A B
1 C -- this voter is considering using the strategy
D- Once again I must note that such examples assume that ONLY 1 or more
*strategically minded* voters have *total* knowledge about how ALL of the
OTHER voters have voted or sincerely want to vote.    This is commonly called
*stuffing the ballot box* after looking at the original election returns-- a
major felony in all democratic election systems that totally subverts the
legality of the government.

I only note that there will be polls (in any free society) before an election
BUT that the election method must operate on how the voters actually vote (NOT
on how the voters might have voted if such and such contingency/poll event X
happens, such as more or fewer voters). 

Namely, ALL of the What-If scenarios are basically useless. 

Having What-If scenarios generates circular feedback loops-- IF X situation,
then strategy Y, but if Y situation, then strategy Z, but if Z situation, then
strategy A, etc.

I mention again the suggestion for voter recall petitions if elected officials
behave contrary to their pre-election positions (especially for elected
legislative body candidates).

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