Approval/Plurality combinations

Wed Oct 7 15:03:34 PDT 1998

Responding to Mr. Ingles--

Many times a winner in a plurality system who gets a majority of the total
votes gets such votes only as a strategic result of the lesser of 2 evils
(LO2E) principle (as expounded several hundred times by Mr. Ossipoff).

Once again I note that in the U.S. there are plurality partisan primaries in
about 40 States and top 2 runoff partisan primaries in about 10 States.  Such
primaries routinely produce 1 or more extremist nominees such that in the
general election the voters make their unhappy LO2E plurality choices.  

As to winners not getting a majority of the total votes-- a majority rule p.r.
legislative body can fill any executive or judicial vacancies.  

About 3 States have such majority of the total votes requirements for electing
State governors (due to some major chaos in past elections- I think Kentucky
or Tennessee almost had a civil war situation develop (state militia mobiized)
when no candidate got a majority of the votes for governor and there was
massive vote fraud).

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