What about a meta election? (fwd)

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Oct 4 20:59:53 PDT 1998

David Catchpole wrote:
> [deleted]
> Australia has used exhaustive preferential voting, as filling in every box
> but one is known, for close to a century with almost no breaks. It has
> close to no problems except the rare case of voters spoiling their votes,
> because in federal elections one's vote will only be counted if the whole
> preference schedule can be inferred (that is, you must fill all but one
> box). Elections for the Australian House of Representatives usually have 6
> to 8 candidates in every seat. To see what real delaying factors there are
> on our counting, check out the data on the elections we just had on
> Saturday.

How many races on a typical voter's ballot?  Just the House of
Representatives, or are there a large number of other issues/positions
to fill?  (& how many of these are AV?)

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