Direct LO2E, VA, & Margins

Blake Cretney bcretney at
Fri Oct 2 10:37:33 PDT 1998

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998 18:09:43    Mike Ositoff wrote:
>VA counts what those many voters want counted, while still
>letting the express & have counted their vote for their
>favorite against all the others. You can be assured that
>when you vote Nader>Clinton>Dole, you've cast a reliably
>& fully counted voted against Dole, fully helping the compromise
>beat less liked candidates, which is what voters want.
>That isn't true with IRO or Margins. It's why VA was proposed.
VA vs. Margins has nothing to do with whether votes are positive
or negative.  The difference is that in VA the strength of a
majority is based solely on the number of voters on the winning
side.  In margins, it is the difference between the support
of the winning and losing side.

The voters on the losing side are just as likely to be negative as
are those on the winning side.  So ignoring them has nothing to
do with how strongly negative votes are counted.
>I've discussed it in terms of strategy, majority wishes,'
>and the voters' insistence on LO2E.
Is this the same as the LO2E-2 Criterion you mentioned. That
has little to do with VA vs Margins.  Any method that meets
the Condorcet Loser Criterion meets that.  Simple Condorcet
fails in both forms.


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