Will someone else take over the meta election.

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Fri Oct 16 22:20:33 PDT 1998

> I'm going on a business trip and have some serious deadlines.
> The meta election is obviously a good idea and the list of
> candidates close to final. 
> Lets pick an election day. I nominate Nov 15.

I personally have no objection to Nov 15, and voting again
would be an opportunity for anyone who wants to, to refine
their standards ranking with regard to different versions
of the majority or sincerity standards.

But if someone has already posted a rankig, and doesn't post
another one, then that must just mean that they don't wish
to change their ranking, and the ranking that they've already
voted should still count. In fact, wouldn't it be better to
call November 15 the deadline for voting  (say, midnight
at the end of Nov 15, GMT?) rather than the day on which
any vote must be cast in order to be counted. So that the
voting could be going on now, and all votes so far are valid,
and Nov 15 is merely the deadline?

> Have someone else take over finalizing the list.

I'll be one of those who volunteer to sumarize the nominations
on Nov 14th.


> Start campaining for your favorite candidates.

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