Look what the cat dragged in!

David Marsay djmarsay at dera.gov.uk
Fri Oct 16 07:38:48 PDT 1998

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> From:          donald at mich.com (New Democracy)
> Subject:       Look what the cat dragged in!


> MikeO is using the Condorcet Winner(CW) and the Plurality winner as
> measures. <SNIP> Likewise we cannot use Condorcet nor Plurality nor any of the
> election methods to compare the other methods.

I think that if it were not for tactical voting Condorcet would 
'typically' be the 'right' answer, and so is something we shouldt 
measure other methods against. Unfortunately, it does not provide an 
absolute standard.

Most folk are familiar with FPTP and so we need to compare any 
proposed method with it. This does not mean that we think it is good.

Locke talks about comparing methods, and proposes that an ideal 
method would be preferred by a majority to any other. In this sense, 
all methods are 'standards' to be compared against all others.

Sorry, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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