The Anti-Democratic Gerrymander

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> Subject:       The Anti-Democratic Gerrymander

> Some folks may be unaware that the use of the gerrymander is a major tool of
> anti-democratic tyrants.
> In real elections, there may be less than 25 percent indirect minority rule
> since all districts do not have the same number of voters and there may be
> more than 2 candidates in each district.
> Thus, any country using all single member districts in its election system for
> legislative bodies is a tyranny-- such as the United States government, every
> State government in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, etc.,
> etc.
> The use of some sort of single winner election reform method to elect 1 person
> in a district does very little to reduce such indirect minority rule.
> The remedy since the 1840's has been the use of a proportional representation
> election method for legislative bodies to get BOTH indirect majority rule and
> minority representation.

What about Lord Jenkins' AV Plus compromise? ( Single-winner 
elections, with a 'top-up' to give overall proportionality)
Sorry, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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