exception to blanket criticism

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Fri Oct 30 18:30:43 PST 1998

When I criticized academic voting-system authors, I should
state an exception:

There are a very few such authors, who have written about
mathematical strategy for point systems (Plurality, Approval,
Borda, flexible point assignment, cumulative point assignment
with fixed supply) and Runoff. They've discussed strategy
mis-estimates at equilibrium, and, since that is closely
related to & caused by strategic need to completely abandon
one's favorite, then those authors _have_ dealt with what
concerns voters & electoral reformers.

I don't mean to include them in my criticism.

There _is_ intelligent life on this planet in regards to
voting system writing, and so I apologize to anyone whom
I've wrongfully offended.


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