IRO, monotonicity

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Fri Oct 23 19:41:09 PDT 1998


I haven't found those articles you cited yet, but I did
find something by Nurmi. He seemed to consider nonmonotonicity
an undesirable thing, so he couldn't have too high an opinion
of IRO, could he?

He said:

"The Monotonicity Criterion is undoubtedly one of the basic
criteria of democratic decisionmaking.  The idea of counting
votes in an effort to determine group preference assumes that
the more support an alternative has, the better the chance it
has of being chosen as the socially most perfect alternative.
Surely this sounds like a reasonable requirement. Indeed, it
seems to be at the heart of the idea of letting the people

Could the person who said that like IRO?? Are you sure
he likes IRO?


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