MikeO should talk to Santa Clara

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Tue Oct 20 02:18:57 PDT 1998


On Mon, Oct 19 1998, MikeO wrote: "Anyway, if I only get replies suggesting
not to talk to people in Santa Clara County, and no one saying there's no
reason not to, then I won't write to Santa Clara.  Mike Ossipoff

Dear MikeO,

     I hope IRO will pass in Santa Clara. I feel that it is better than Top
Two Run-Off.

     While I do not agree with your position, I do respect your right to
write in opposition. (shades of Voltaire)

     There is a good reason why you should write - because you want to.

     On the upside you may be labeled as an expert instead of an outsider.
One defination of an expert is someone from out of town. I would be someone
from out of state, which would make me a bigger expert than you.

     So, stop being a wimp about this and write, if you want to. And next
time do not ask permission, because that implies you must be willing to
accept NO for an answer.

Donald Davison

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