Berating Mike Ossipoff

New Democracy donald at
Sun Oct 18 09:01:45 PDT 1998


     On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, DEMOREP wrote the following: "I must berate Mr.
Davi[son] for putting his catty comments on the ER list when discussion of
specific methods are supposed to be on the EM list.   Many ER folks
presumably have no great interest in the details/defects of various
election reform methods."


     Is this something new that you are doing - berating people for putting
the wrong material on the ER list?

     You wrong me - I was merely commenting to the wrong material that your
Mike Ossipoff is puting on the ER list.

     If you are to do your "task" properly, you should berate MikeO. He is
the number one offender. (at least he is first in something.)

Donald Davison

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