part 3, applying the criteria

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Oct 18 02:43:29 PDT 1998

In our elections now, we have no assurance that Middle's voters
will rank Favorite over Worst. That would be nice, sure, but
is it a hope to use as a basis for choosing one method over
another? In my examples, I usually assume that a middle candidate's
voters don't vote between the 2 sides, or that if they do, it
will cancel out. That seems reasonable. lt doesn't seem reasonable
to assume that they'll lobsidedly rank my side over the opposite

In fact, the Democrats & Republicans are closer to eachother than
either is to the Greens or other progressives, in their goals
& policies, and in their moral character. So the voter who likes
the Democrat best is going to like the Green least, and the ]
Republican 2nd.

So because Runoff gives us a more generally helpful guarantee,
I still like Runoff better than IRO, and feel that, except in
the special cases covered by Mutual Majority & Clone Independence,
Runoff is better than IRO.


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