<stefan at ha.oeh.univie.ac.at> Maybe a virus?

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Wed Oct 14 02:40:35 PDT 1998

Dear Rob L,

      Would you check and tell us if the address,
<stefan at ha.oeh.univie.ac.at>, is subscribed to the election methods list?

      This address, <stefan at ha.oeh.univie.ac.at> which has been causing
letters to come back to us on the Methods list, may be part of a virus?

      I have an eMail loop to which I sometimes send messages. After the
last message that I sent to this loop, I received a returned mail messsage
for <stefan at ha.oeh.univie.ac.at>. This would have been acceptable if
<stefan at ha.oeh.univie.ac.at> was on the loop, but that address is not on my

      This address seems to have the ability to spread to other lists
and/or loops.

      That is why I am thinking that it may be part of a virus.

Good Luck,
Donald Davison

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