First-Choice Winner Standard

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Thu Oct 8 02:27:07 PDT 1998

Dear Bart,

You wrote: "... the Approval count is ignored (weight factor = 0) whenever
there is a first-choice majority."

Donald: You cannot escape that easy. All methods must face the First-Choice
Winner Standard. The defeat of a first-choice winner is a valid test of any
election method. You are not allowed to restrict the debate by saying that
the test does not apply to some method.
      DEMOREP is correct when he said: "Approval could defeat a
first-choice winner."

You also wrote: " I doubt that Approval would fail to yield a majority very

Donald: It will all depend on which defination of majority you will be
using. If you are using Mike O's defination, your statement will become a
false reality. In fact Apporval should yield two or three candidates with
"false majorities".
     But if the majority is based on the number of choices used, then
Approval will fail to yield a majority most of the times.
     DEMOREP is correct a second time. He wrote: "Approval doesn't
guarantee that the winner will have a majority."

Donald Davison

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