"more than half the voters???"

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Wed Oct 7 08:26:12 PDT 1998

Dear Mike O,

You wrote:
"A group consisting of more than half the voters should get their way.

These are pretty safe things to say, aren't they? I believe that most
people in the general voting population would agree with these standards,
as would most electoral reform advocates."  Mike

Donald: This does seem to be a "pretty safe thing to say", but most people
are unaware of your defination of "more than half the voters".

     So, would you explain what you consider to be "more than half the
voters". You can start with this example:

        18 AB         17 BA        15 CA
        18 AC         17 BC        15 CB
       ------        ------       ------
        36      +     34     +     30     =     100

     Do any of these candidaates have "more than half the voters"?
     I am expecting you to say that the group that voted for candidate A
contains more than half the voters(68).
     If so, Then I must point out to you that the groups that voted for
candidate B and C also have "more than half the voters"(67 and 65)
according to your defination.

Donald Davison

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