Splitting the votes

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Tue Oct 6 23:08:58 PDT 1998

Dear David Catchpole,

You wrote: "2) It should be hard for any candidates to split the vote."

     No, I disagree. It is acceptable for candidates to split the vote of
their party - as long as there is a way for those votes to come back
     Ranked Choices will allow votes to come back together.
     Suppose a faction of a party splits away and runs their own candidate.
This is acceptable as long as the method used will allow the voters of the
party and the faction to rank both candidates. A better example is the
combining of the primary election into the general election. Each party
could have two or three candidates in a major race. This will split the
votes of the party, but by ranking the candidates, the votes should come
together and end up on one candidate of the party.

Donald Davison

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