AV/IRO with equal rankings

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Thu Nov 12 09:10:26 PST 1998

There is a problem with the first of the two evaluation methods I
described, in that it doesn't work when you have two or more overlapping
sets of equally ranked votes.  Two weak candidates could defeat each


12 A
10 (A=B)
13 B
10 (B=C)
14 C

If you convert (A=B) to (B>A), and (B=C) to (C>B), before dropping
anyone, you get:
24C > 23B > 12A; C wins.

Under the (correct) second method, you drop A first.  You now have:

23 B
10 (B=C)
14 C

Drop C; B wins.


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