Election Needed for Gingrich's Seat (news) (FWD)

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Because of the special circumstances of this particulair seat I understand
that Democrats probably do not stand much of a chance of obtaining this
seat, but if I lived in this district I would be awful angry with Gingrich
and the Republican Party for abandoning the district even before the new
congress which Newt was elected to, came into being. I hope that the
Democrats can find a good conservative "yellow-dog" Democrat to run for this
seat. Hell, if I lived there I would run myself (but I'm probably much to
liberal for the taste of these folks).

Michael S.

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>Note the 50 percent requirement near the bottom. --
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>Election Needed for Gingrich Seat
>ATLANTA (AP) -- With a special election looming in the next two months,
>parties are scrambling to find candidates to run for Newt Gingrich's
>congressional seat in an overwhelmingly Republican district.
>``This is a district that is conservative, that believes in cutting taxes
>that believes in having a Republican majority in Congress,'' said Gingrich,
>who announced Saturday that he would resign from Congress. A day earlier,
>Gingrich decided to not run for Speaker of the House again.
>Gingrich handily won re-election in Tuesday's election, getting 71 percent
>the votes in the race against little-known Democrat Gary ``Bats'' Pelphrey.
>The governor has 10 days after the resignation takes effect to call for a
>nonpartisan special election at least 30 days later.
>Secretary of State Lewis Massey said, because of the holidays, the election
>would probably be held early next year.Massey said the clock can't start
>ticking on the 10 days until Gingrich notifies the governor of his official
>resignation date.
>All special elections in Georgia require the candidate to get at least 50
>percent of the vote or face a runoff against the second-place finisher.
>The short campaign and nonpartisan format may open the door for a
>candidate with name recognition to represent the state's 6th District.

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