NECESSATARIAN BULLSHIT [Re: First Choice Criterion]

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Wow, what happened to such subversive concepts such as we are responsible
for the welfare for not only ourselves, but also for our neighbors? I
realize that the following concept is pure communalism, but as the old
saying goes it takes a village to successfully raise a child.

My people have been in this geographic place/country for thousands of years
and the success of my ancesters was dependent upon such concepts as mutual
welfare in a tribal society. Of course I am not pure American Indian, but we
have a letter from one of my ancesters dated in the earlky 1500s from Noca
Scotia. My people have fought in every war from the French-Indian Wars to
Vietnam and we gave to our society because of the concept of mutual welfare.
These are the concepts which helped not only to frame the Declaration of
Independence, but also the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

OK, so in the late 20th century we are going to say, to hell with those less
fortunate than ourselves and we will let them either starve or enter into
economic slavery. This is not the the USA that I both know and love. These
concepts belong in late French monarcy period(s), e.g., let them eat cake.
The interesting thing about all of this talk of welfare reform is that it is
directed to individual people who have not the skills nor physical well
being to be successful in the labor market. However, the vast majority
(billions of dollars) are spent on welfare -- for corporations. Why havn't
these so-called reformers gone after the big fish? Because they know that
our entire economy is dependent upon the largesse of government/society. Why
not give the individual the same welfare that we give to corporations? I
think that it would be a much better investment.

Michael S.

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>    Welfare has no place with government.  The social paradise welfare
>failed, and did so because it violates the laws of nature.
>    God helps those who help themselves.  No work, no food.
>    Companies do not have the obligation to provide subsidised employment.
>linandmary wrote:
>> I totally agree with this comment. True welfare is to educate the
>> participants and bring up their work skills thus allowing them to compete
>> for better paying jobs. The business community wants the citizens to
>> that they are true red, white, and blue but as usual they want all the
>> blue($$$$$).They (business) will fight tooth and nail to keep wages down
>> their profits up. Nothing wrong with profit( its the American way) but
>> enough is enough. Slavery in another form and fashion. L.B. Sumter, SC
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>> >What makes you think that slavery is not active at this time! The new
>> >welfare rules and laws have the intention to force women to take
>> >jobs (slavery) and to place their children in day-care. Now, a true
>> >reform program would stress education so that these women could take on
>> >well-paying jobs. But the answer to this is no, the business community
>> >cannot find enough people for low-paying and/or disagreeable jobs, so
>> >will force low skill women into these jobs. Where I come from, this is
>> >called slavery.
>> >
>> >Michael S.
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>> >>On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Daniel Davis wrote:
>> >>>     Well Corny, if you want to be ultra-meta-super-idealistic, why
>> >representatives?  Time for some greek city-state
>> >>> democracy.
>> >>
>> >>Yeah, I think slavery should come back in fashion, don't you guys?
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>(P.S. This is sarcasm... honestly!)
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