Real Slavery.

Charles Fiterman cef at
Sun Nov 8 04:15:28 PST 1998

At 12:27 PM 11/7/98 -0000, you wrote:
>What makes you think that slavery is not active at this time! The new
>welfare rules and laws have the intention to force women to take low-paying
>jobs (slavery) and to place their children in day-care. Now, a true welfare
>reform program would stress education so that these women could take on
>well-paying jobs. But the answer to this is no, the business community
>cannot find enough people for low-paying and/or disagreeable jobs, so they
>will force low skill women into these jobs. Where I come from, this is
>called slavery.

Real slavery exists in India and Thailand on an underground
basis. It exists with government assistance in Sudan and
Mauritania. In fact in Sudan the Moslem government went out
and attacked Christian and Animist villages and the army
brought back slaves who were sold on open market.

And then there is Socialism, people who cannot quit their
jobs are slaves and those who control their lives are slave
owners and overseers. Calling it Socialism changes nothing
you still can't quit your job and if you run off the police
will bring you back. 

Low paying jobs are not slavery, you can quit. They aren't
being forced into those jobs at gunpoint. Ending welfare
was win win win all around. The people in those low paying
jobs are getting more than on welfare and have some self
respect. Taxpayers are paying less. Crime has dropped.

Three factors drive the reduction in crime. The largest is 
cheap white heroin which allows addicts to have jobs and not 
steal. De facto legalization isn't as good as actual legalization 
but its better than the insane war on drugs. The second is
a booming economy which provides jobs and the third is the end
of welfare.

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