Another flaw in monotonicity

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Thu Nov 5 19:04:02 PST 1998


Blake, referring to violation of Adverse Result, said:

> This sounds bad, but to be important, a criterion must have more
> than rhetorical value, so we should look for a justification for
> it.
> It's fairly obvious that this is not a strategic problem.  No one

All that's true. But the fact that something illogical and
irrational happens, and the method reponds opposite to what
the voter did, it would be better to avoid that, even though
it most certainly isn't as important as a strategic problem

The fact that Approval doesn't violate Adverse Result, Consistency,
or Heritage is a definite bonus that goes with Approval, though
its strategic properties are what recommend it over FPP, IRO,
or Margins.

> >Approval is the method that doesn't do that. When proposing VA,
> A method where each voter gives each candidate a numeric score,
> and the candidate with the highest total score wins, will pass
> this criterion.  Approval is just a special case of this method
> where the only scores allowed are 0 and 1.

A better way to put that would be to say that Numeric Scores
is equivalent to Approval, since the utility expectation
maximizing voter will vote like Approval, giving maximum points
to some, & minimum points to the rest.


> Of course, these methods give up other things.  Like, for example,
> the idea that if a candidate is the first choice of a majority,
> it will be guaranteed to win, without any massive strategic voting 
> effort being necessary. 
> >one tolerates that fault, because of VA's big strategic advantages.
> >But what's the reward for tolerating it with Margins or IRO? :-)
> >
> I don't, of course, believe that VA has any strategic advantages
> over Margins.  We've discussed that at length.  And I don't think
> much is required to outweigh the Adverse Result Criterion, as
> I only think it is useful for its rhetorical power.
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> Blake
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