First Choice Criterion

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Thu Nov 5 18:06:29 PST 1998


Blake said:

> Similarly, in AV, I don't see anything wrong with voting a more
> central candidate over your favorite in order to defeat extreme
> candidates on the other side.  Unfortunately, most voters will
> not know to do this.

The troublel is that voters will learn to do that, and then
we're back where we started. No real improvement.

> How much we worry about strategic voting should depend on the
> election method.  If it gives good results when people are
> sincere, it would be better if there was no strategy.  But 
> strategy can also mitigate the effects of a bad method.

Riker showed that really well-informed defensive strategy
can & will make the CW win no matter what the method is.
Therefore the merit of a method depends on what voters have
to do as defensive strategy.


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