Reveling the Majority Winner

Thu Nov 5 16:57:17 PST 1998

Mr. Cretney wrote in part-

It is often suggested that AV focuses on results that are more 
meaningful.  To question whether this is true, I have provided an 
example with 4 groups of voters.

1. 40 A B C
2. 12 B A C
3. 13 B C A
4. 35 C B A

AV uses group 2 and 3's second preferences.  However, group 1 and
4's are locked away.  It is important to notice that AV's ignoring
of preferences is not only something that happens between fringe
candidates at the lower end of the ballot.  It also occurs between
major contenders at the top of the ballot.  The decision that group
2 and 3's second preferences are somehow more meaningful seems like
an entirely arbitrary decision to me.
D- The above is yet another example why AV is defective and why there should
be a YES/NO vote on each choice.   Would A, B and/or C have the support of a
YES majority (51) of all the voters (100) ?

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