Lord Jenkins's Report

Daniel Davis cicero13 at ufl.edu
Wed Nov 4 07:34:54 PST 1998

    Constitunency representation is one thing, BOUNDARY representation is the
other; and it is the boundaries that are being represented when you have such
as jenkins trying to place districting over true representation.

    Why must you be placed in a district by a legislator and forced to choose
from the representatives there, when a multied member STV district would
allow you to chose your own representative.

    Maybe its because the liberal democrats still want big parties in power,
and hate independents. Typical hypocrisy, although I would expect that more
from the other parties.


David Marsay wrote:

> Bart Ingles wrote:
> > > Lord Alexander would, however, prefer to retain FPTP for
> > > constituency elections for the reasons outlined in the attached note.
> >
> > I wonder what's in the attached note?  Could it be that with the second
> > (top-up) vote there is not as much need to replace FPP?
> I believe that there are two concerns:
>  representative members
>  representative parliaments
> It is impossible to achieve both simultaneously without a
> 'top-up'. Almost any alternative to FPP will address the first
> concern, but make the second worse. AV / IRO is simply the obvious
> alternative to FPP in a UK context. If you are going to have a
> 'top-up', one can afford to address the first concern. FPP with
> top-up, I believe, would be likely to result in the need for huge
> top-ups from minor parties. One could even get the situation (due to
> demographics) where the government is comprised mainly of top-ups.
> This is undesirable. It is hard to say what would actually happen
> because of the prevalence of tactical voting under FPP.
> Lord Jenkins was instructed to retain constituency representation,
> and so did not consider straight PR.
> The ability to approve of candidates and parties independently is, I
> believe, a major democratic benefit that may outweigh more technical
> concerns.
> --------------------------------------------------
> Sorry, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
> The views expressed above are entirely those of the writer
> and do not represent the views, policy or understanding of
> any other person or official body.

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