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Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Tue Nov 3 22:30:27 PST 1998

d.d. said:
>     I didn't know that Santa Clara had a four party (counting the
> nationalists) system.
>     The jenkins report is for an entire kingdoms of 4 provinces with
> many parties, not a moderately sized america municipality.

Then your unspoken assumption is that no conclusion made in
one place, about the desirability of a voting system, can apply
in another place.

Maybe the number of parties is irrelevant to why they don't
like AV on its own. Maybe it has nothing to do with any differences
between a kingdom and a county, or the number of provinces.

The report, where it spoke against AV, didn't specifically
say that any of the conditions that you bring up were their
reason for not liking AV. If Blake is correct, then it has
to do with not wanting too many centrists to win. But you're
wrong when you say that a criticism of IRO doesn't apply here
because we have fewer parties. We do have more than 4 parties
in California (though our municipal elections aren't
allowed to represtent party affiliation on the ballot). Some
feel that the predominance of 2 parties in this country is
largely a result of FPP. That's why claims that statements
from multiparty countries aren't relevant here aren't so

Mike Ossipoff


> Mike Ositoff wrote:
> > It's interesting to note that the British commission recommending
> > on electoral reform recommended against IRO (AV) by itself.
> > Regrettably that information arrives barely too late for
> > the voters of Santa Clara, who will vote tomorrow on whether
> > or not to authorize the use of IRO in their county.
> >
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