What do you do ... absolutely.

Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Tue Nov 3 00:58:31 PST 1998

I don't think it's megalomania when people discuss the problems
in their own country. What other country's problems does
a person know about well?

The U.S. has lots of people, and so its problems may get
more play for that reason.

Also, David C., Australian voters have less to complain about, when
it comes to electoral advancement, so less is heard about
complaints in Australia.

U.S. electoral reformers were very interested in New Zealand's
reform, and are now interested in England's proposed reforms,
which are well-discussed on this list.

I don't believe that the people who advocate electoral reform
are the same kind of people who'd be megalomaniac, jingoistic
or chauvenistic about nationality. As I said, it's just
that one's own country's problems are the problems that one
knows best.

Mike Ossipoff

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