UK Labour MPs launch opposition (FWD)

Daniel Davis cicero13 at
Sun Nov 1 20:41:03 PST 1998

    Labour's hypocrisy is astounding.  So much for liberal open thought.

    Labour betrays electoral reform.  I don't even see the supplemental vote being
discussed anymore.

    This goes to show that trying to tone down reforms by using "Av plus" doesn't
win you the love of the anti-reformers, no matter how deluded the politician is.


David Catchpole wrote:

> On the note of growing division within socialist parties with
> respect to electoral systems; two focii to concentrate on in the near
> future will be Australia and a state within it- Queensland. Queensland
> sees its second just-short-of-a-majority-by-one government after Labor
> thrashed conservatives on Two-Party-Preferred but had to rely on the
> confidence of an independent. Australia as a whole sees a conservative
> government which just shouldn't be there; Labor has the majority of the
> two-party-preffered vote. Demographics have been responsible for three
> recent close-to-hung-or-misrepresenting parliaments, and I for one as a
> member of Labor am committed to reform. There are more than a few
> parallels in the results of UK elections in the 80s and early 90s...
> On Fri, 30 Oct 1998 DEMOREP1 at wrote:
> > My standard comment- power corrupts, minority rule gerrymander power corrupts
> > absolutely (with due respect to Lord Acton) --
> > ---------
> > UK Labour MPs launch opposition to election change
> >
> > LONDON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - A group of MPs from Britain's ruling Labour Party
> > launched a campaign on Friday to oppose any change in the voting system used
> > in parliamentary elections, following recommendations for a switch to
> > proportional representation.

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