Santa Clara & Candidate Withdrawal Option

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Thu Nov 12 19:22:13 PST 1998

As I understand it, the Santa Clara initiative was a CVD
operation, and both CVD members that I've discussed candidate-
withdrawal with (one of them was the "Executive Director")
rejected candidate-withdrawal.

I agree that IRO would be ok if it allowed candidate-withdrawal.
But the IRO advocates, including CVD, seem to be determined to
impose IRO's problem on the electorate, since they've refused
both of the mitigations that have been proposed to them:
Candidate withdrawal, and IRO with the option to vote
more than 1 candidate in 1st place (or, more generally, at
any rank position). That "Approval IRO compromise would
have the rule: "Repeatedly eliminate froml the rankings the
candidate occupying or sharing highest position in fewest

I emphasize that IRO (or any method) with candidate withdrawal
would be better than Approval IRO. My point is that IRO
advocates refuse any kind of mitigation of their method's


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