ERS items/ Jenkins Commission

Thu Nov 12 15:13:54 PST 1998

I suggest that folks take a look at the style of the below ERS items in regard
to making any sort of election reforms (especially the Working Papers).

Towards a Fairer Vote 
The Electoral Reform Society's Submission to the Independent Commission on the
Voting System (Jenkins Commission)
The Submission of the Electoral Reform Society to the Independent Commission
on the Voting System - Working Papers 
Paper One: A Brief History of Electoral Reform in the United Kingdom
Paper Two: Achieving Proportionality in Electoral Systems
Paper Three: Stable Government and Electoral Reform
Paper Four: Voter Choice and Electoral Reform
Paper Five: Constituency Link and Voting Systems
Paper Six: The Use of STV in the United Kingdom
[ERS Press Release]
Jenkins Commission report: A step in the right direction
The Jenkins Commission and AV +
Executive Summary

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