part 7, 1st Choice Criterin

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Wed Nov 4 18:25:31 PST 1998

About 4 methods are now being advocated here:

1. Approval
2. VA (Votes-Against)
3. Margins
4. IRO

VA & Margins are pairwise methods, differing in what they
do when no candidate beats each of the others.

For now, let me say that VA strictly meets weak 1st Choice,
and for all practical purposes meets strong 1st Choice. It's
the only method for which that can be said. It's the only
pairwise method that meets weak 1st Choice.

In its 1st version, VA says that if no one beats everyone else,
then the winner is the candidate whose greatest defeat by
another candidate is the least, as measured by how many
voters rank that defeating candidate over him.


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