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David Marsay djmarsay at dra.hmg.gb
Thu May 7 10:02:26 PDT 1998

Dera Mike,

In a message dated  Wed, 6 May 1998 19:08:34 EDT you wrote:
> >Any set of "rated" ballots can be converted to ranked ballots (presuming
> >ties are allowed on the ranked ballots).  
> I agree, and it is also clear that ranked ballots cannot be converted back to
> rated ballots.  This is strong evidence that rated ballots contain more
> information.

Given a ranked ballot one can create a rated ballot, where the 
ratings are '1st-rank' , etc. If you convert a rank to a rate and 
back again, you get the same ranking. If you convert a rate to a rank 
and back again you different ratings. Ratings express more. However, 
the two ratings will be equivalent unless the rates are intended to 
express some strength of preference. In the latter case, the ratings 
are more prone to manipulation than rankings.

Ratings are for honest voters?

Sorry folks, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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