Exaggerated opinions

DEMOREP1 DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Wed May 6 17:42:36 PDT 1998

Demorep1 wrote--
I repeat my suggested remedy - the highest percentage of all of the members of
the body who want a a vote on an issue should determine the order of voting on

Mr. Saari wrote-
You are trying to establish an "order of voting" by means of another voting-
like structure of some sort.  Clearly this defers the core problem to a higher
level but does not ultimately solve it.  If your "highest percentage" remedy
turns out to be dictatorial then so is the entire system.  Can you specify a
method for your remedy which does not involve a chairperson or oversight

D- A minimum X percentage of the membership (dependent on the total size of
the body- small bodies, one or two members --large bodies, perhaps 2 percent
which would be 9 members in the 435 member U.S. House of Representatives) must
agreed on introducing a bill (proposal).

The bill with the highest percentage of the membership sponsoring it would be
voted on (subject to emergency conditions- storms, wars, etc.). Example- 500
bills have been introduced. Bill 123 has been sponsored by 15 percent of the
membership. It gets voted on. Bill 456 has been sponsored by 14 percent of the
membership. It gets voted on next.

An alternative is having continuous additional sponsors on bills until the
number of such sponsors is a majority of the entire membership at which time
the bill becomes law without any votes- noting of course that bills do not
come out of thin air but are written dictatorially by one person or a few
persons (based sometimes on the results of a party caucus).

Getting indirect majority rule P.R. bodies in the various plurality politics
countries (U.S., U.K., Canada, India, etc.) will remedy the paralysis of all
the governments in such countries and probably bring about reforms on voting
on bills.

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