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Saari Saari at aol.com
Wed May 6 16:08:33 PDT 1998

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>> This still doesn't address the problem where the best outcome is
>> Most ranked methods essentially force a decision to "do something".
>...unless, of course, one may write in "do nothing".  Heck, if it makes
>sense in the context of the particular election, I'd imagine that would be
>a listed option.

The problem is that it is up to the ballot committee to decide "for us"
whether or not do-nothing "makes sense" and therefore whether or not to
include it.  This means they have the power to decide not, and therefore force
the group to choose something from a list of alternatives even if the group
actually prefers otherwise.

With multiple independent proposals, the group is always free to reject every
single proferred option if that is their choice.

Mike Saari

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