STV for party candidate lists?

Wed Jul 29 13:28:33 PDT 1998

Demorep wrote (28 Jul 1998):
 Whether or not some sort of other criteria is violated is irrelevant.

Mr. Schulze wrote-

D- Any tiebreaker (AFTER doing Condorcet head to head math for N = 1, N = 2 or
N = whatever) violates some sort of criteria (using some sort of manufactured
bad case example).   As I just wrote-- Current legislative bodies are a very
[bad] approximate representation of the total voters in very many countries,

To break ties, Bucklin (to get winners) and/or Reverse Bucklin (to get losers)
is simple enough for most (99 percent +) voters (who do not stay up all day
and night worrying about strategic and/or sincere/insincere voting).   

Annual (at least) elections (on candidates and issues) are another fundamental
reform to reduce the chance for tyranny (noting that the Netherlands was one
of the many tyrannized/ occupied countries during World War II).

To paraphrase U.S. Navy Admiral David G. Farragut in his August 5, 1864 attack
on Mobile, Alabama during the U.S. Civil War ---

Damn the tiebreaker criteria, full speed ahead (for election reform to get rid
of minority rule).

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