STV for party candidate lists?

Tue Jul 28 15:35:06 PDT 1998

The use of STV using a quota for N seats means, in effect, having N quota
beatpaths at the same time.

Multiple ties are extremely likely.

If Condorcet fails to produce N winners (as is extremely likely), then the use
of Bucklin can be used as a tiebreaker.   

If there are ties using Bucklin (accumulated votes at choice level X equal to
or greater than the quota are the same), then back up one level.

Whether or not some sort of other criteria is violated is irrelevant.

The above will elect the so-called centrists.  So what ?  If enough so-called
extremists are not happy, then they can start their own party.

I assume the Netherlands (and every other country) has some sort of
requirement for ballot access (i.e. an infinite number of parties or
individual partisan or independent candidates do not get on the ballot).

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