STV for party candidate lists?

Herman Beun chbeun at
Mon Jul 27 02:42:35 PDT 1998

New Democracy wrote:

> >     Four: About 7 of the top 14 candidates will not reach 
> > quota because of exhausted ballots - provided the Hare Quota 
> > is used. These candidates are to be ranked according to the 
> > votes they each did receive.

I replied:

> I wanted to use the simple votes/seats quota instead.

I was mistaken, this _is_ the Hare quota of course. I was confused,
but now I see what you mean. 

Is that what normally happens, that about half of the candidates does
not reach quota? I wouldn't have known there were so many! But
sometimes the quota (the number of votes in the numerator) is adapted
when ballots get exhausted, isn't it? Otherwise of course, it must be
done in the way you propose.


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