STV for party candidate lists?

Sat Jul 25 20:15:27 PDT 1998


For a variable N group of candidates to be chosen from Z candidates using STV
number voting there is/are 

AW zero +  (Always Wins in all groups of N winners)
TW  1+        (Test Winner(s)- Win(s) in groups of N against a Test Loser)
TL 1           (Test Loser in groups of N winners)
OL zero +   (Other losers for test purposes)

If N is small and Z is large, then OL will be large such that many voters may
not make a choice for a AW, TW or TL choice.  Would all unranked candidates be
in last place on a given ballot ?

There is also the obvious problem of which loser(s) to remove in a large Z
proportional representation election. 

It is because of the relatively large size of 1 at large district (one
constituency) and the relatively large size of party lists (for a relatively
large legislative body) that I long ago suggested having multi- member
districts with 5 members with (a) equal district nominating petitions for
ballot access and (b) each winner having a voting power in the legislative
body equal to the number of first choice and transferred votes that he/she
receives in being elected.  No primary, no fractional math.

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