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> How many total seats are there in the Netherlands Parliament 
> and the total number of voters and the number of D66 voters 
> who choose candidates?   Such total numbers of seats and voters 
> affects which reform method is reasonable.

Parliament: 150 seats
Turnout entire Netherlands: 8,604,207 at the last parliamentary
elections (73.2%). D66 got 773,464 votes then (14 seats).

Internal elections:
There were initially 83 'new' candidates plus 24 in the parliament in
session, makes total 107 candidates. But actually, there are two
rounds, both according to the Borda system: The first round takes
place only for the 83 'new' candidates. The 66 ranked highest in the
first round _and_ the 24 MPs in office (i.e. total 90) take place in
the second round. The 46 names ranked highest in this round appeared
on the final candidate list for the general elections. ISTR that the
maximum number of names in the Borda vote was simply the number of
candidates; if the number was limited it was still high.
I do not remember the exact number of members voting, but it was
about 3000 in both rounds.

> I assume that the Netherlands is one at large district in 
> electing the Parliament (?).

You mean, is the entire country the only constituency? Yes.

I believe I also answered the questions in your second mail now.

Note: My question concerns only the _internal_ elections of
candidates for D66, not the election system for the entire
Netherlands -- that would be step two ;-)

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