Sat Jul 4 14:02:31 PDT 1998

Supplement 1
For clarification---
I suggest that Mr. Schulze's Clinton clone example should be treated as

  120 voters vote [Clinton Clones] > Dole > Perot.
   105 voters vote Dole > Perot > [Clinton Clones].
   75 voters vote Perot > [Clinton Clones] > Dole.

That is, the individual clones would not initially count.  However this
directly conflicts with the head vs. head idea.

Is head vs. head thus defective  ?

Should the pairings thus be--  set vs. set (with a set having one or more
individuals and/or subsets in it)  ?

I note that each member of a Smith set by definition defeats head to head each
member not in the set.

Should a set elimination method be used if there are 4 or more sets in a
circular tie to reduce to a 3 set circular tie (if there is no Condorcet
winner after an elimination) ?

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